After having quite a few conversations about what the point, the vision, of IDDQD Press is, I have decided to create a little document illustrating it.

Purview, Perspective, and Target Audience

There are quite a few publications that cover the more autismal topics; video games, tabletop RPGs, literature, mathematics, computers. However, almost all of these publications have a specifically progressive left wing political perspective. This one broadly covers all of these autismal subjects, ranging from works of fiction to news articles on the subject matters in them, but differs in that it has a populist right wing perspective.

What does that mean? It means I will publish lolberts, wignats, Christfags, and whoever else in that broad spectrum, as long as what they submit is high quality enough. Which raises the question: who should read this? Any of the people I would publish should read this, but in particular, those who have a channer history. This site is for people with a board culture background.

Fuck you, pay me

I will pay you for your articles and contributions. Right now, we pay $0.02 per word; $0.02 has been deposited into your account, but unironically. I prefer to pay in BitCoin in the interest of preventing anybody from getting doxed, so get a wallet if at all possible.

If you're interested in contributing, log into our Matrix channel (link above in the menu), and make sure not to use when you sign up. You can also make submissions directly to