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We don't need any of this in our universities.

A lot of us are going back to university or school tomorrow, if we did not already go back to school. Spring Break is coming to a close for the lot of us and the semester is beginning again. All of the courses are online now, which renders basically the entire educational structure a distance learning program, but also allows us unprecedented opportunity to record those lectures for all manner of purposes, from the merely petty like piracy and not wanting to take notes to the activist like holding professors accountable when they stress an unacceptably anti-white, anti-male, or otherwise SJ-pozzed perspective.

This article encourages you university students and school kids to do the latter. It is your duty as a citizen and our right as taxpayers to know what our children and young adults are being taught, and if you perform that duty you will be doing your people and home nation a valuable service.

The old adage you have been taught, "if you see something, say something" applies here just as much as anywhere else, but this time, you get to do more than just say something. You get to show others what you saw, audiovisually. If one of your professors says something that betrays these perspectives while you're recording, which you should do reflexively and by default from here on, you should upload that shit onto YouTube, onto BitChute, and onto any other video sharing service that will let you.

Pass your link around and make sure the word gets out. I want to see these videos and I know many other people who do as well. We also want to know the names of these professors and which university they instruct at, so that we can make our opinions known to the university and perhaps even engage in legal action against them. Lawfare does not need to be a one-way street directed only at us.

To do this will require you to download some new software, and I will make a suggestion to this end: OBS. It's free, it's open source, and it's no-bullshit. You can download it here at no charge. Once you install it, just create a new scene for a window, that window being your WebEx or your Google Hangouts or whatever other livestreaming service your professor prefers to use, and click record. That's it. Really.

Who watches the watchers? We do.