My favorite tabletop RPG is World of Darkness, and in particular its successor Chronicles of Darkness. I had a hiatus for a while because of how the new editions make certain mechanical improvements at the expense of inserting a lot of leftist tripe and SJW garbage. I personally houserule all of that out of the games I run and refuse to play in games that do not. It worked for me and made for genuinely compelling games in my own opinion. They usually terminated for scheduling reasons on my part and not due to lack of interest on the part of the players.

The only truly "problem players" I have had were leftists. They insisted on their ideology getting stressed at every moment. They had pronouns in their usernames. They donned CalArts avatars. When I would run games, they would comb over it carefully for things that contradict their social justice woke ideology and have a conniption if something did not line up with it.

One example of this was a Vampire: the Requiem game I run called "The Red Market." It took place in Saint Petersburg, Russia right after the Soviet Union fell. The plot was that vampires in the city opportunistically captured control over the human and sex trafficking operations. They then coerced all neonates to participate in this trade, creating a web of complicity and lies, locking them up. Given that this is a horror game, this is appropriate for the setting. The leftists I knew who were also into this game liked this idea a lot.

It's basically impossible to appease these people.

I wrote some sample characters for it. One of them was a blood banker from Israel. He was a Nosferatu, which is the ugly, scary Clan (think class) that is very much on the tough side. Basically, he was a bit of a Jewish stereotype. They freaked out about that. People who had character sheets three quarters of the way done walked out the moment that was brought to their attention. Well, not quite the exact moment; they had to have a two minutes' hate before doing so. It was entirely acceptable to play as a human trafficking piece of shit in their mind, but if one of them portrays an anointed victim group in a negative light, well, that's just totally unacceptable.

For years I tried to plead with the left wing users I knew that they should not make such an active and persistent effort to shut their political enemies up. It was authoritarian in a bad way. It was stupid. It really served no purpose other than to quash debate and openness. They did not care. They gave me pretexts for their anti-speech attitude that amounted to "freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences :^)" or "that isn't technically a First Amendment violation, it's a private company! :^)" Everybody in their right mind knows that these pretexts aren't genuine; they would send people away for "hate speech" in a heartbeat if given the opportunity, and that was made clear by their defense of the "hate speech" legislation in Europe and Canada.

I have decided that I will no longer try to reason with these people. You cannot reason with them. Liberal or libertarian principles of live and let live do not apply to these people and their ideology. Basically all trannies, furries and the like subscribe to this ideology. The greatest sin of all is being guilty of an -ism or a -phobia, in particular anti-Semitism. I labored under the illusion that "not all trannies/furries/whatever are like that," and made a point to keep the door open to more reasonable people who had weird habits, sexual fetishes, or desires. That was a mistake.

You just fucked with the wrong nerd!

Fuck all of that. Trannies have been a consistent net negative in any game I have participated in, either as a player or as a Game Master (or Storyteller, or Dungeon Master, etc), and the same can be said for furries, people who put their pronouns in their username. One big tell for SJWism is having a CalArts avatar. It is such a consistent tell that I don't even ask questions anymore; I just slam the ban button on all of these things and leave groups that have them without a second thought.

These people were ostracized for good reason in the past. Let's ostracize them again. As private citizens, we absolutely have the right to do exactly that thanks to freedom of association.

Who else should I add to this list?