The various social media purges are ramping up. The IDDQD Press got its Christmas present from Discord when they shoah'd our server and banned the main account. So this publication, if you can even call it that instead of just some stupid blog, definitely has a vested interest in being on social media without being banned. However, we are also convinced that you, as regular citizens or perhaps someone intent on creating their own content, also want that privilege of free speech in practice, not just on paper.

To this end, we have created our own Pleroma instance, as well as a Matrix channel. We won't be making regular use of unfederated services in the future. And that is because unfederated services do not have a future, at least not in the long run.

Federated services are the future of social media in the long run for two reasons:

  1. They're straight up more robust against companies folding, having large-scale technical issues, etc, and more importantly,
  2. They are extremely resilient to corporate and government censorship

Nobody is really in control of a federated service

The latter is key these days. Corporate power is a greater threat to freedom of speech in practice than governments are. That's just a fact. Since nobody wants to be shut up, when social media purges meet a critical mass, which they are quickly approaching. Your alternative, of course, is Internet slavery.