What a sad incident to end the decade! "Visual futurist" known as art director in Blade Runner, TRON, and Aliens and the person who designed the titular (and some other) mecha in Turn-A Gundam, Syd Mead, has died, Monday 30th December 2019.

Thanks to his role as art director of Blade Runner, he pioneered the aesthetics of cyberpunk, and he was also influential on the aesthetics of games Mass Effect and the recently-released Death Stranding. His Blade Runner concepts also inspired the design of the Tesla Cybertruck, which he liked.

But at one time he also drew erotic stuff which apparently inspired the design of Daft Punk's helmets... Could leftists smear him for his eroticism?

Here are some of his designs:

Alien's hypersleep chambers

His more optimistic works

Mass Effect's Mako's and Citadel's aesthetic inspiration

There are more of his designs here.

So, on behalf of the entire IDDQD Press team, thank you, Syd Mead, for redefining science fiction (especially scifi aesthetics) as we know it.