The World/Chronicles of Darkness General On /tg/ Has Been Down For Over 24hrs, And Nobody Cares

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The Traditional Games board on 4chan has maintained a number of generals for different gamelines and their fans for years. One of the ones that was always active was the World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness general, which covered both of them. While White Wolf and Onyx Path Publishing insisted that the two were completely separate in spite of Chronicles of Darkness initially being titled “New World of Darkness,” the /tg/ community knew better, and kept the two in the same threads.

These threads were always up, and I mean always. Whenever one thread would hit its bump limit — which was 310 posts on /tg/ — someone else would make a new one and link to it. This general had an unbroken chain for years now, literally, and before then, when the chain was broken, a new thread was made within minutes. It never took hours. For the first time in I don’t know how long, the thread has been down for well over a day now, and the kicker is, nobody seems to care.

Tabletop RPGs have always been a niche hobby, but it seems like even among people who play tabletop RPGs, World/Chronicles of Darkness has become essentially irrelevant. This is very surprising considering that it was once second place to Dungeons and Dragons, which at this point is likely to never get supplanted. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Why do you suppose World/Chronicles of Darkness fell into obscurity and irrelevance?


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Cyberdemon is a computer scientist from the American Northeast. He has a wide net of interests and involvements ranging from raves and psychedelia to private trackers and tabletop RPGs.

3 thoughts on “The World/Chronicles of Darkness General On /tg/ Has Been Down For Over 24hrs, And Nobody Cares

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    Your Mother says:

    Of course it failed. They had a really cool idea (playing as a monster) but it ended up just getting taken over by woke garbage like making the Free Council just an LGBT club or Rudi. Not to mention the constant magewank.

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    Reader Truly Inspired and Awed By Timely, Relevant IDDQD Blog Coverage says:

    Outstanding observations there, chief. No mention of the literal years of militant mageposting, V5 wokeness baitposting, the fact that they’ve actually run visiting freelancers off the site from its extreme shitposting and toxicity? The thread has been merely a toilet for shitposters for ages, and if the general dropped out of the catalog, it’s that nobody can keep shitting forever. The kickstarters for the new games keep consistently clearing, people buy the material, two new vidya IP lining up for release in the coming year. It’s not that World of Darkness is irrelevant, it’s that /wodg/ is. Smell you later, dickcheese.


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