For those who can think clearly there is no dilemma that the Internet today is a place of the roughest and the greatest destructive form of totalitarianism – the liberal ideology undisputedly dominates all of the internet realms in all of its shades and forms.  On Internet, only perverts, degenerates, liberal agitators can reside with comfort.

Reminder that it is hate speech to point out that Rocky Horror Picture Show sucks

In that of course there is nothing surprising. If we take a look on the origins of Internet  we will see that it was made in 1990 in the USA – the bastion of liberalism. From the beginning it was obvious that this tool is just one of the many ways for the expansion of the multilateral capitalist quasi-empire.

For some time, however, the owners of this project had to coquet with the peoples of the world by representing themselves as a realm of free communication which can be controlled by nobody. Many of us still believe that Internet still can be a place of freedom. It can't.

Internet  evidently has totalitarian tendencies which take place in front of our eyes. Blocking of someones profile or even banning. Blocking for violating "community guidelines“ and prison sentences for posts on social networks are just the beginning.

In that context the appearance of the Gay pride reaction and stickers with slogans of perverts and degenerates is very symbolic. That means that this space we call The Internet is the place of their "freedom“ – freedom for degenerates, decadence, depopulation, and death – but not the decent people.

Even though we can still, to some extent, use the Internet for spreading nationalist and healthy ideals, communication and coordination, in the next 10-20 years (maybe even less) to live and stay in the virtual world will carry threats and dangers for a free thinking man.

In fact, we are getting close to the point of a radical divide on a virtual and a real world. Whereby the virtual will maximally integrate into the everyday life of a man, to all his spheres  - even his body.

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They want you entirely online, and not at all offline

The progressives will call this the pervasion "of the virtual and real“ for which they made an oxymoron called "virtual reality." As a matter of fact we are seeing (and we will continue to see)  the migration of real into virtual. Real reality will stay and exist just for a handful of capitalists and other privileged people, the ideologues of mondialism, but it will also exist for the healthy part of society which is called retrograde by many today.

In the epic movie of the Wachowski brothers (now sisters, ostensibly), The Matrix, which can be certainly called the movie which marked the beginning of post-modernity, we can clearly see what will be the future of mankind. At the end of the movie it was clear that those who were tied too much to Matrix and how addictive it is, proved that they cannot live outside the illusion of virtual reality.

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If you ask us "what should we do?", we answer: the only way to get out of the Matrix is not to be a part of it at all. Build social networks in real life, and the first one you should build is called family. Get out on the streets and feel the heat of the sun.